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Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm PST
. >> raider season, suffered their sixth straight loss. carson palmer has done what he can. and looking to the future. it's not what the raiders expected when they got him last season. including this one inside the five-yard line against denver. carson can't do it alone and there is a lot of dropped balls. with three games left, looking forward to next season and take to look at tyrel pryor. >> we have had package of place to get him in the game. the some point we'll get him in the game and have a package of plays for him to run. >> it would be interesting. coming up de lasalle trying to win another state title. >> ama: thank you, shu. still to come, we have a story about a cool piece of memorabilia going up for auction. >> turbine speed.... >> bat mobile could be yours. >> ama: coming up at 11:00, they are known for bell ringers and buckets. one group wants the salvation army out. restaurant receipt that left a group of women in tears and could leave one waiter out of a job. >> several bat mobiles featured in movie and tv and there is only one original. it's going up for auction. it's bei
Dec 9, 2012 7:45am EST
july of 1860 d. the confederates had gotten to commerce raiders in florida and alabama. they were being loose on the seas now. the union navy had captured galveston in october 1862 and confederates counterattacked on new year's day. so the momentum of the more it seemed to be reversed. and it took a while before it would swing back. >> craig, jim mentioned halleck's reluctance to involve himself. walk us through the development, the understanunderstan ding of the urgent need for joint domination. >> i was just going to say the broader question, there was no protocol, no understanding and very little experience in history of united states that would allow the navy and the army to work as partners on the singleton. we have to remember the of course the national security act of 1947, post-world war ii phenomenon that created the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of defense. during the civil war, in world war ii there was a secretary of war who was responsible for the army, and secretary of the navy, responsible for the navy who sat as co-equals on the cabinet table and they were members of
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
football reward effort. >> mike: when the raiders lost darren mcfadden to ankle injury they put the ball in the hand of carson palmer. unfortunately the raiders have lost six games. palmer has 30 interceptions, six fumble losses, and a big pick within the five yardline against denver thursday night. can't fault palmer. receivers have been banged it. now the coach is looking at the future of the team. >> i'm not displeased with carson. i think he'd be the first to admit when he makes a mistake and he understands, and he continues to work to try to lead this football team and he is one of the guys we have to lean on to go forward. >> mike: the 11 year army and navy faced off in one of the fiercest rivalries in football. playing nor the commander in chief's trophy, handed out to the best team among the three service academies. both teams beat air force so the trophy up for grabs. navy trikes first, 7-0. midshipmen. army responds, 75-yard drive with this 11-yard run. tied at 7. under 5:00 to may. armup 13-10. navy quarterback, scores. threw for 130, ran for 47. last call for army. on th
Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
raiders lost darren mcfad ton a running injury that put the onus on carson palmer. his numbers haven't been what they wanted. 30 interceptions, six fumbles in 2 games, including the big pick against denver. can't fault palmer as wide receivers are you can and banged up. but dennis allen is confident with his quarterback. >> i'm not displeased with carson. i think he would be the first to admit when he makes a mistake, and he understands the repercussions of making those mistakes, and he continues to work on a day-to-day basis to lead this football team, and he is one of the guys we have to lean on to good forward. >> mike: warriors on a road trip, winning last night in brooklyn, and today david lee and seth curry, a pregame race. didn't wear steph out. drains the three. continues his hot hand. fourth quarter, clay thompson knocking down threes. 91-85. david lee had a double-double last night. another one tonight. warriors lead right now 95-89. under 1:00 to play. we have the final score at 9:00 and 11:00. >> da la. >> well, proposal takes a wrong turn. how a ten-year-old helps
Dec 8, 2012 10:00pm EST
health care blind about what a hospital c-section rate is or infection raider bounce back rate or how many operations they do or how many knee operations they do. if you want to go to a hospital that you are the only case in five years that they they have scenery do you want to go to a hospital that treats 50 cases a year? these are basic things the public demands in any industry and i think we can provide this through more transparency. >> host: that leads me to -- you use the term reckless health care in your book. talk a little bit about that, your thoughts around how that plays into what you just described. we have 70% of new yorkers who will go on line and look at the restaurants but they will just walk down the street to their hospital without any due diligence. how does the fred flintstone care in the culture if you will of medicine play into that? >> guest: i am constantly flabbergasted about how patients will walk into a doctor's office and the doctor will not mention the superior option to the patient. i think sometimes it's because they're worried about losing the patie
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am PST
wreck. >>> we will give you a live look. that is the raiders playing thursday night. hopefully, smooth in both directions, north and south on 880 for you on this sunday. time now is 8:44. you are watching "mornings on 2". astes great! martinelli's: since 1868. . >>> good morning to you. take a look at the rolling hills. soft sunlight pouring in. >>> a dallas football player is charged with manslaughter after a car accident he was in killed his teammate. josh brent crashed his vehicle in a dallas suburb killing a passenger and teammate 25 year old jerry brown. brent was arrested after he failed a sobriety test. >> it appears as though he was traveling at a high rate of speed and his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. >>> if convicted, brent could face up to 20 years in prison. cowboys will play the cincinnati bengals right here at 10:00 this morning. fox nfl sunday will talk about how they are dealing with the development. >>> it is the nfl's second tragedy in a we can. javon belcher shot and killed his girlfri
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6